Northcliffe Baptist Church
Friday, February 24, 2017

Our Spiritual Growth Map

Spiritual growth is a process, and it involves the work of
the Holy Spirit and personal effort.
At Northcliffe, the Spiritual Growth Map represents the pathways and
activities that help you grow spiritually toward maturity.
As a process, the spiritual growth map consists of 4 Essentials
that guide and facilitate your personal spiritual health and growth.
The Four Essentials of Becoming a
Fully Devoted Follower of Jesus
1.       Be Connected!
By design, we all need personal relationships, community, and a sense of belonging.
At Northcliffe we believe this is best accomplished by being a part of a Life Group
2.       Be Growing!
Like our DNA, each of us is God’s unique creation for His pleasure and purpose. In order to reach our God-given potential, each of us needs to be growing in our relationship with God through the reading, learning, and personal life application of God’s Word. Learn more 
3.       Be Serving!
God has shaped each of us to serve others. He has given us gifts, talents, and skills to be a blessing to others. At Northcliffe, we believe there is a place where everyone can make a difference. Learn more (link to Serving page coming soon)
4.       Be Sharing!
God is at work in our community, your neighborhood, and around the world. He wants us to tell others “This is what God did for me and can do for you.” Sharing “your story” with others is something everyone can do and as believers, what we are supposed to do. Learn more (link to Sharing page coming soon)