Northcliffe Baptist Church
Friday, February 24, 2017


The men's ministry  at Northcliffe helps provide the support necessary to equip men to discover who they are, to focus on God’s role in their lives, and to “do life” in the company of one another. Through small groups, mid-sized gatherings, and special events just for them, men at Northcliffe walk alongside each other as they grow in their spiritual and relational journeys. Visit this website often to discover upcoming events where you can get to know others who are seeking to be “men after God’s own heart.”


               Men's Bible Studies


                 Courageous: Honor Begins at Home

                            Begins September 14!

                                Mondays ~ 7 PM

                    Family Life Conference Center

This 8-week study guides you through the Bible-based movie "Courageous". It will take you deep into biblical truths for a godly family, exploring topics such as redeeming your history, walking with integrity, winning and blessing the hearts of your children, along with much more.


                                                 Romans Expositional Study

                             Mondays ~ 6:30 PM

                                    Room D-7/9

This is a continued study of the book of Romans which will help you grow in understanding and commitment to your Christian walk. Journey with us in a verse-by-verse expositional study of the greatest letter ever written.


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