Northcliffe Baptist Church
Friday, February 24, 2017

Christian Life Development

Be Growing
Spiritual growth does not happen automatically.
Part of spiritual growth happens in your personal life as you
talk with God, read the Bible, and practice obeying what He says.
Another part of your spiritual growth happens with the church.
This is where we can help.
We want to help you fulfill God’s plans for your life through Christian Life Development.
What is Christian Life Development?
The church helps provide the teachings, the support, and the environment you need to grow.
Christian Life Development (CLD) provides four tracks to set you on a path for spiritual growth:
Track 1 - First Steps. This track is the starting point for every believer, especially a new believer.
101 This class is designed to help you in your new Christian life and is for anyone who wants to learn about the topics of salvation, prayer, Bible study, personal time with God, sharing your faith story, and belonging to a church.
102 New Member’s Class. This class explains what it means to become a member of Northcliffe and the importance of membership. This class is required for church membership, but is open to anyone who is interested in learning more about Northcliffe.
Track 2 - Next Steps. This track will help you learn the basics of the Christian life and show you how to live them out.
201 - What We Believe
202 - How to Share Jesus with Others
203 - Understanding and Overcoming Temptations
204 - Understanding How God Has Shaped Me
205 - Becoming the Person God Wants Me to Be
Track 3 - Foundations. This track will enable you to have a deeper understanding of the Bible and why we believe what we believe.
301 - Old Testament Survey. This is an overview of the Old Testament books, its teachings, and characters.
302 - New Testament Survey. This is an overview of the New Testament books, its teachings, and characters.
303 - Apologetics. This class presents rational reasons for adhering to the Christian faith; shows how to respond to objections against the faith; and exposes the shortcomings of other worldviews.
304 - General Bible Studies. You can go through a book in the Bible or be a part of studying the character of a person from the Bible. These studies are offered on Wednesday nights and are on-going.
Track 4 - Life Electives. This track provides you with biblical life skills for topics such as marriage, parenting, conflict resolutions, finances, etc.
Life Skills
·         Financial
·         Conflict Resolution
·         Time Management
·         Leadership
·         Parenting/Grandparenting
·         Marriage Enrichment
·         Etc.
Life Support  
·         Grief Ministry
·         Life's Healing Choices
CLD classes are offered in three seasonal quarters:
Fall (September – December)
Winter (January –March) and
Spring (April – May).
A combination of core and electives classes will be offered.
What are CLD classes like?
Most CLD classes are offered on Wednesday evenings on campus, 6:30 P.M. – 8:00 P.M. The Wednesday evening timeslot provides learning opportunities for all ages (children, students, and adults). Some classes are offered on days other than Wednesday.
CLD classes are led by a teacher and/or facilitator and will vary in size, format, and number of sessions. Participant guides, books, and handouts are available. The atmosphere is casual.
What can I do next?
If you are interested in taking a CLD class:
1.       Review a current listing of CLD classes provided through:
     a.      An online listing is available by clicking here(PDF of printed flyer)
     b.      A printed listing is available at the Information Center in the
               Worship Center Lobby
2.       Register by completing a Registration Form at the Information Center
               in the Worship Center Lobby.
3.       Attend the class you registered for. You’ll have an opportunity to
               purchase any participant’s guide or workbook at the class.